Walk The Ocean Spray Cranberry Bog At Patriot Place

cranberry bog

Cranberry bogs are such a unique sight to witness.

Bellingham is close to tons of scenic trails where you can jog, walk your dog or just peacefully walk through nature.  However, you may have missed one of the most unique ecosystems where you can see an active cranberry bog near Bellingham.

The Nature Trail and Cranberry Bog at Patriot Place is open during sunlight everyday for visitors to walk.  This unique trail near your Bellingham apartment is a must-see this summer.

The half-mile trail will lead you by water lilies, foxes, geese, swamp oaks, mallards, and other plant and wildlife around the 32-acre cranberry wetland system.  This site is actually an active cranberry bog for Ocean Spray, too, offering an informative view on cranberries and harvesting.  Find it behind the Bass Pro Shops at Patriot Place.

In addition to the Cranberry Bog, you’ll find tons of other things to do at Patriot Place, like seeing shows at Showcase Live, watching new movies, dining outside at restaurants, attending a sports game, shopping, and so much more.  What’s more, this shopping and entertainment venue is just over 20 minutes away from Jefferson at Bellingham.

Learn more about living in Bellingham and things to do around town this summer at Jefferson at Bellingham on Facebook.

Image courtesy of Flickr.


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