Franklin Yoga & Wellness is a Fantastic Fitness Resource

Franklin Yoga & Well­ness is a great resource for anyone looking to hit their 2015 fitness goals here in Bellingham.  Source: Facebook

At Franklin Yoga & Wellness they believe that yoga is a way of life, a way to not only fitness but to personal peace. If you are looking for a fantastic fitness resource, this is the place to be. Sign up for one of their many classes, workshops, or attend one of their retreats. Classes: There are many different classes to sign up for. They have … [Read more...]

Learn from the Past at the Museum of Work and Culture

The Museum of Work and Culture is a fantastic history center found near your Bellingham. Source: Facebook

The Museum of Work and Culture is a great place to go if you want to learn about the past and how men women and children worked for a better future for Rhode Island’s mill towns. Head over any day except for Monday and check out some great exhibits. The Exhibits. Some of the amazing exhibits you will be able to check out include the baseball exhibit, … [Read more...]

Taste Traditional Mexican Cuisine at The Alamo Mexicano Restaurante

The Alamo Mexicano Restaurante boasts some of the tastiest, authentic Mexican cuisine found near your Bellingham apartments.  Source: Yelp

Looking for something hot, something spicy, or just some down right great food? You can find the great taste of traditional Mexican cuisine by heading out the Alamo Mexicano Restaurante. When you don't feel like cooking or want to get out for a drink this is the place to go! About the menu: Get something classic such as the Chili Rellenos, their … [Read more...]

Tips to Adding Color to Your Apartment Without Painting Your Walls

bright throw pillows

Does your space need some more color? You don't need to paint walls to add color to your apartment decor. There are many tips and tricks to adding color without the paint. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing. Dress up the curtains. Hang curtains that are bold and bring in a color you really love. The best part is that curtains can be … [Read more...]

Tips for Decorating Your Patio or Balcony

balcony decoration

Are you looking to spruce up your patio or balcony? With Spring at our doorstep it is a great time to make a couple clever changes. Here are a few great apartment decor tips that can use to get your patio or balcony looking great for Spring. Add rugs and pillows. The patio or balcony is a perfect place to extend your indoor decor outside. Adding a rug … [Read more...]

Household Plants that Will Clean Indoor Air

Here are some great houseplants that help purify the air of your Bellingham apartment.  Source: morgueFile

Having potted plants around the home and on the porch is a nice way to add a sense of nature and to bring in color. Did you know that many plants are great for helping clean the air within your home?  Here are some plants for apartments that are perfect for helping improve the indoor air quality. Aloe Vera plant. The aloe vera plant is great for many … [Read more...]

Smart Ways to Save on Your Utilities

Here are some tips to help you save money on your utilities AND live greener here at your Bellingham apartments.  Source: morgueFile

Everyone wants to save their money. One way to do so is by watching the utilities. There are many way to save and many are pretty simple. These are just a few smart money saving tips for your utilities. Turn things off. It is simple, if you are not using it, don't plan on using it, or don't needed it on, then turn it off. Unplug those electronics when … [Read more...]

Avoid Cabin Fever at Your Jefferson at Bellingham Apartment

Here are some tips to help you avoid getting cabin fever here at your Bellingham apartment.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Once the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over and all that is left is the cold winter days, the blues can tend to step in. You can avoid cabin fever at your Jefferson at Bellingham apartment with a few simple tips. It just takes some lifestyle changes. Stay active and social. Once you are done with the busy holiday season you begin to slow down. … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Bellingham Apartment

Here are some handy tips for anyone looking to get a head start on their spring cleaning here at your Bellingham.  Source: morgueFile

Spring is basically at our doorsteps. What are you going to be doing to start off the Spring season? Like most people you may be thinking about starting up your annual spring cleaning sessions. We have a few cleaning tips just for your Jefferson at Bellingham apartment. Make yourself a checklist. The best place to start is with a clear list of what needs … [Read more...]

Enjoy Chiense and Thai Cuisine at Fusion Express

Fusion Express boasts some tasty Asian fusion cuisine here in Bellingham.  Source: Yelp

You are in luck if you live at our lovely Jefferson at Bellingham apartment community. Not only are there many amenities you can enjoy right on the premises, but there are always lots of things to do near Bellingham. Of course, this includes dining out on truly delicious and satisfying food. If you are craving the best Asian fusion cuisine you can imagine, … [Read more...]